Month: January 2016

Santos Cartier diamond price of 230 000

Sun Yue wife Chen Lu site to watch the games in Beijing and Hubei, a time attracted a lot of attention of fans, in addition to Chen Lu himself, her hand wearing a watch also attracted the attention of users, this watch is likely to be Cartier Santos watches.

Cartier watches white dial and Black strap

Santos is the iconic cartier santos replica, a total of eight models, respectively, no drilling and diamond section, Santos family watch with 18K white gold case set with round brilliant-cut diamond; sapphire crystal; silvered grained dial; alligator strap, 18K gold folding clasp. It can be described as extremely luxurious.

fake Santos Cartier watches pink or dial and Brown strap

Cartier watches official website for all prices have made a secret deal with the need to submit the real identity information can query information based on other watches dealers, a Santos series 18K rose gold without diamond watch is priced at 96,500 yuan British names currency, and the price is more expensive diamond section, in which the table diameter 44.5mm, 18K diamond section labeled price WH100651 reached 370,000 yuan currency names.

Cartier watches white dial and Black strap 2

According to discern, Chen Lu brought the watch is numbered WM505014, according to the official website of the information, this watch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Santos replica Cartier watch series of the system, using a palladium diamond technology, crocodile leather strap, priced one thousand yuan to 230,005.

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Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional recycling companies to acquire watches Cartier watches SANTOS

Haibo-hoon luxury mortgage investment company is one of the nation’s largest mortgage investment company. The company established a complete management system, standardize operational processes, to take effective measures to improve the governance structure, improve the rules of procedure, decision-making procedures and internal audit system is the best in the industry.

Currently the main types of watches, jewelry, jade all kinds of gold and diamond recovery mortgage pawn business. It has a high price, speed, and good multi-edge reputation. Strong recovery strength improve efficiency repurchase, recycling link does not charge any fees! Free on-site service in Shanghai!

fake Santos Cartier watches white dial and pink strap

Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional watch recycling companies acquired cartier santos replica Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional watch recycling companies acquired Cartier SANTOS watches Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional watch recycling companies acquired Cartier SANTOS watches Shanghai Baoshan Wusong Cartier watch acquire Shanghai Baoshan Wusong Cartier Watch the acquisition of Shanghai Baoshan Wusong acquisition Cartier Shanghai Baoshan Wusong acquisition Cartier watches Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional recycling Shanghai Baoshan Wusong professional watch collection.

fake Santos Cartier watches white dial and Black strap

Precursor for creative watchmaking, Cartier has followed striker energy, leading to years of, creating a series of classic appearance count when: a square of Santos, rectangular Tank, circular Ballon Bleu …… while the new Clé de Cartier watches Distribution planning also round also square, carrying the bold transformation of the same brand DNA. This time, the Cartier brand new Clé de Cartier watches will appreciate on July 16, 2015, was held in Beijing China’s large hotels. Specifically, introduction and try to experience up close, let us know even more new US Cartier Clé de Cartier series about the fine, creative.

Is a very pleasant and relaxing tasting, along with our new enthusiasm and curiosity, the first, the brand’s responsible officer introduced us to the Cartier new information, the past history, characteristics, and other professional point of view, are Let us calibre de cartier replica have a much deeper knowledge.

Calibre fake Cartier watches White Dial Black strap

Then we follow the footsteps of the brand together staff, came to the Cartier store, close to appreciate this appearance common “key.” Clerk enthusiastically invited us to try them, not to use the same style of action have not the same charm.

French in “CLé” meaning key, which is the crown of this series of watches look like a handful of key factors. Watch one composed of planning, fine lines around the table side plump, with a sense of the flow lines are very, fit the aesthetics of the human body structure, wear comfortable and fast.

Clé de Cartier series male watch fine about the atmosphere, both metal bracelet also have belt section, the masses do not fit the same aesthetic needs. Other a bright spot is the crown of the planning, key-shaped crown set with a sapphire on, the same as the key to flexible, just as a key moment to open the door, open your heart who love the table. The role of the domineering and masculine hands. Roman numerals, contrast retro charm.

Calibre Cartier watches White Dial Stainless steel bracelet

Ms. diamond watch, there are pink belt style, style, and so there is a red belt, soft and delicate planning, so that women love at first sight. From the outside, which is filled with details of the watch brand’s classic elements, even if it does not go to Cartier Logo, classic Roman numerals, blue steel hands, silver Glyph, integrated planning, also read out from Cartier taste. Red belt deployment rose gold case, elegant and beautiful. Pink diamond pattern, increasingly under the lights flashing.

In power, fake Cartier watches equipped with a Cartier 1847MC self-developed new self-winding mechanical movement, “1847” is not occasional income, which represents the year the brand was created, the movement diameter of 25.6 mm, rapid rotation barrel greatly enhance the stability of travel time, a semi-instant-jump date show function and up to 42 hours of power reserve.

Ballon bleu Cartier watches Stainless steel bracelet White dial

Summary: Whether from the exterior, is still movement, calibre de cartier replica series can be said to be another classic Cartier. Its diverse styles, from diamond to diamond does, from raw material to metal belt, there is not the same color and size, Cartier Consideration also needs to be on people’s very full. If you want to buy a classic Cartier, not to buy tanks and other blue balloon style, then Clé de Cartier replica series is definitely your best pick, got it, as soon as possible ready to go to the store to try them purchase it.

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Cartier Pasha de Cartier watch dragon-shaped hollow

This dragon-shaped decorative skeleton watch inherit Santos100 watch Roman numerals Meter Bridge pioneered unique technology, which will be established in one of the characteristics of the hollow stunt Cartier’s most iconic.

Cartier fake pasha white dial and stainless steel strap

Technology and brand one of the classic masterpiece of this rare, aesthetic qualities cartier pasha replica combined into the immediate recognition in this watch design elements: Screw winding crown set with a brilliant-cut round diamonds; protection nail and indented bracelet.

This watch three high-level jewelry styles, Case are inlaid round brilliant-cut diamonds, or with a crocodile leather strap, or paved with brilliant-cut round diamonds or trapezoid cut diamonds, 18K white K gold chain.

Cartier initation pasha white dial and stainless steel strap

This watch works with three styles: the first with a black crocodile leather strap, with inlaid round brilliant-cut diamond 18K white gold folding clasp K, and with an individually numbered limited edition; the second paragraph with a mosaic round brilliant-cut diamond 18K rhodium-plated white K gold bracelet, limited edition 20; the third paragraph with trapezoid cut diamonds, 18K inlaid rhodium-plated white K gold bracelet, numbered and limited edition 10.

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2016 want to watch six products with style so wear

In the just-concluded London Men’s Week, China representative of the new and old male God Kris Wu, Hu Bing can be said for China to earn enough face, not only dress fashion style popular appreciation, looming on the wrist watches are the details It reflects a gentleman taste. In 2016, there is a type of product you want, you can emulate them.

Ballon bleu Cartier watches Ceramic bracelet White dial

London Fashion Week this year, the hottest topic of conversation is the Burberry catwalk Wu Yifan things, it seems there is a good body of high face value of the gas field in Wu Yifan to flex its muscles in the fashion circle.

Ballon bleu Cartier watches Brown strap White dial

In addition to the show, Wu Yifan this trip wearing Bulgari Octo watches is also very eye-catching. OCTO features is to have sculpted masculine lines and iconic octagonal shape, also known as “eight gentlemen,” and he did not choose this watch discerning a style of fashion attitude hit it off.

Ballon bleu Cartier watches Brown strap pink dial

In his movie “Old Gun children” campaign, Kris Wu Wear cartier ballon bleu replica handsome appearance. The Cartier blue balloon watch with guilloche guilloché dial, Roman numerals regularly arranged, clearly showing the track scale, three o’clock date display window at the beautiful but also increases the usability.

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calibre de cartier replica landed in Nanjing, China Golden Eagle

Cartier watches replica will appreciate the new, recently held in Nanjing time world Cartier watch boutiques. The new cooperation Olivia new Cartier Series and is brought is not the same charm. New calibre de cartier replica to elegant posture, the “compact curve,” this new element into the watchmaking brand design. Watching from the side, watch a circular arch, smooth smooth, seamless, ergonomic. Charismatic style perfectly fit the wrist, easy to wear and comfortable. This watch uphold the essence of Cartier style, a double tactile and visual enjoyment. Its highlight is the case on one side, that like jewelry, the shape of keys crown, and as a unique element of this new watch is named.

Calibre fake Cartier watches White Dial Stainless steel bracelet

It is worth mentioning that last year by the Richemont Group, the world’s first time TIMEVALLE Nanjing Golden Eagle shop, is open for the entire top watchmaking industry’s top watch boutiques. Store to join more than a dozen top watch brands, including Richemont, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange, Montblanc, Panerai, etc., and Rolex Group and TAG Heuer outside the history and modern technology the perfect blend Unite. World Time watch boutique is for the entire advanced watchmaking open, it uses the power of science and technology, to overturn the traditional sales model through different watch exclusive space, redefining the extraordinary breadth of time

Calibre fake Cartier watches White Dial
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Cartier jewelry traditional promoting position the entire world

Our marketing is generally the most frequent marketing tool, it might be stated every single business, each and every company make use of it, it is a great way universal, substantialvelocity advertising; it desires to obtain marketing accomplishment using this method, nonetheless will need a ton of money. Fake Cartier expensive jewelry is performing.

Cartier 18k White Gold Love Bracelet

cartier come rapidly engaged by various promotional marketing marketplace, which can be already a frequent point. Whether in television marketing, or sizeable trend capture MV, everywhere expose a higher levels, the cartier precious jewelry trendsequence return to the actual, to create sensitive rare metal shaded K knot. K yellow gold, rose K gold or white K rare metal to generate pendants, cheap cartier jewelry and rings straightforward style understated, innovative fashionable. 18K bright white rare metal pave precious stone diamond ring. Cartier C letter emblem very classy character, its impressive and different patterns given birth to from careful clever thought.

cartier love ring replica

The cheetah is one of the Cartier company sign, 1914, which first made an appearance from the precious jewelry entire world, and Louis Cartier would be to give the brand name an expression of creativity leader, right after spouse Louis Jung Duchamp (Jeanne Toussaint) will cheetah imagination on its head: bracelets, brooches and earrings very long necklaces, timepieces, there cheetah soft figure. The latest sequence is even according to a number of Cat Develop, which is genuinely charm the crazy attractiveness of wildlife.

Cartier love serie oro 18k bracciale

Phony precious cartier love jewelry series came to be in New York City in the seventies in the previous century observed a lot of renowned love love and have become the incarnation of your Proclamation of love. Best oblong bracelet body, screw layout bracelet and exclusive beauty became a symbol of endless enjoy. K rare metal with yellow or increased gold models K, and inlaid with diamonds, unlimited really like.

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5 classic Cartier Tank watch

replica Cartier tank watch from the 1917 birth, to today, has nearly 100 years of history. This nearly 100 years, Tank has experienced numerous changes, scripted square constantly being deconstructed, type variable, with a variety of cultural integration to create a wide variety of styles. Cartier tank in the family, there are five watch the most representative.

fake-Cartier-tank-watch-black-strap2013, Cartier Tank family welcomed the newest member of –Tank MC watch. Cartier Tank MC Tank watch re-interpretation of the famous series of rectangular shape, with almost square dials show, and add a small seconds dial, equipped with Cartier’s first self-movement –1904 MC-type movement. At the same time, this watch is still the continuation of the classic aesthetic elements Tank series: Glyph guilloche dial, minute track, Roman numerals (black on white or white on black) and the like. Case small second hand section of stainless steel or 18K rose K gold, hollow section Tank MC’s case for the palladium.

In 1922, Tank Louis Cartier came to Mr. Louis Cartier name. This series of watches with a significant “Art Deco”: once arrogant and tight square and rectangular lines softened sharp angles also eased, vertical lugs extend at both ends as rounded polished.


1987 design, 1989 launch of the tank Américaine watch, with tanks Cintree as a source of inspiration, but the ratio between the horizontal and the vertical axis is closer, so Bi Tanke Cintree even more square. This is the watch Cartier’s first waterproof watch case surfaces, curved design of the case, while the rectangular shape is more compact, vertical lugs are also more rounded. Cartier adopted the new folding clasp, according to the size of the wearer’s wrist strap length adjustment, more perfectly fit the wrist. New Clasp since replaced since 1910 has been in use old folding clasp. The famous French artist César Award founder Mr. Caesar was very fond Tank Américaine, he said:. “I like wearing my Tank watch, it will not feel uncomfortable, as if no clothes It is material, very sexy, especially its touch is very soft, touch recollections, I often touch it, try to figure it, sometimes not even look at it, but with their fingers to read it. “This shows a strong attraction Tank Américaine force.

1996 launch of the Tank Fran? Aise watches with French-inspired architecture, with balanced, prudent and perfect proportions qualities. And return to the tank table classic elements: two parallel vertical lugs, Roman numerals, minute track, sword-type pointer and multi-slice crown set with round convex sapphire; the same bold breakthrough crawler strap express a slightly curved case. Vertical slant polished lugs, uniform undulating curved tracks, curved design extends from the case to the strap, smooth and natural, without the slightest interruption, abrupt or material changes in its appearance and strap connections are exactly like armored tracked. Tank Francaise table back curvature of the wrist can be a good fit, slightly wider square case with octagonal crown, it is very neat, is the first choice for professional women. Small and Medium Tank Francaise watches are made of quartz movement, large model using Cartier 120 self-winding mechanical movement, is selected as the couple watches are very good choice.


Following the successful launch of the Tank Américaine watch and Tank Fran? Aise watches, 2012, Cartier has launched the newest member of the family tank –Tank Anglaise, which is the most abundant tank style family series, is divided into three size models of male / female watch, and there are platinum, gold, rose gold three materials available, plus a variety of materials diamonds, totaling 20 balance, including large model is also equipped with a special homemade Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement 1904 MC. Tank Anglaise is different from other tanks unique family members that: crown integrated within the vertical lugs, the overall structure to form a perfect symmetry. And extremely simple. This design also fully continued the stringent aesthetic requirements Louis Cartier and integrated design concept: All modeling will become an integral, coherent and clear: Tank Anglaise watch replica from the side, the crown embedded design as vertical lugs tank round shoe.

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