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The fashion cartier love jewelry has always been a good praise, because she represents love, how do you see, you can learn more about the fashion industry have views of cartier love jewelry here.

Cartier elegant style Huanran

Cartier, elegant style of renewal. The cheetah series of decades of silence Damen was again put on the table. The men’s Drive series of new rich product line.00302594216_4b5726b0

Cartier, elegant style of renewal. This year, Cartire still has obvious but casts a thousand beams., than in the past few years, many seem interested in the introverted, elegant style of the original brand once again shine. After the original cheetah series crown after decades of silence once again put on the table, the redesigned fuse details of Cartire’s iconic temperament, presumably this year’s hottest female form style. On the other hand, the men’s Drive series of new rich product line, adding ultra-thin, let this retro means strong men’s series of fitting gentleman’s wrist.
The annual Cartire master craft series will revive a special dial and decorative art, the protagonist of this year is the “golden flame process”: control through repeated firing flame, such as enamel, such as micro Liangze painted like vivid cheetah design on metal dial.
Flame gold process inspired by the blue steel pointer process heating metal surface color change, the operation needs to grasp the precise. A variety of colors with the change of temperature emerged, blue corresponds to maximum temperature, minimum temperature corresponding to the beige. Cheetah fur pattern carved on the first craft master 18 carat gold dial or “painted” exquisite, then gold dial is heated by the flame, the first color has emerged, after the need to repeat this process until get the most complete color effect.00302594217_0886c03bPillow shaped watch in recent years to become the new darling of retro gentleman wristwatch, and both edges rounded contour, as the gentleman gentleman unruly and reserved character. Cartire in 2016 for the first time the launch of the Drive de Cartier replica series of pillow shaped watch the walk in the low-key and unassuming between elegance just perfect, it is expected that the launch of new products in the sequel this year.
This is a new moon phase watch watch, equipped with Cartire 1904-LU MC refining workshop movement, 6 position with moon phase display. The function of accurate reproduction of the new moon, moon, moon and moon cycle replacement time. This watch is the month function with precise quality astronomical level theory, every 125 years will be calibrated once.00302594218_f8a4fa5dCartire draw inspiration from the 15 precious rubies, gold watches launched this evening. By nightfall, ruby shining flames like light. 15 rubies weigh 24.93 carat, its color is even rare: transparent, slightly pink orange deep and rich red diamond luster, which is unique in Mozambique ruby. Like a red ribbon around the romantic Ruby watch, with long ladder shaped diamond form clever contrast. Along with the overall layout of the dial ring around oblivious integration.00302594219_0b9e3681

At the beginning of twentieth Century, Cartire will be used for the decoration of the princes of India ruby jewelry. In April 1956, Princess Grace Kelly (Princess Grace) a top Cartire official portrait photography scroll decoration crown, crown with 3 convex round rubies. This delicate lacy colorful removable jewelry can also as a brooch worn by Grace, Princess of the favor. In 1957, Elizabeth? Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) partner Mike Todd received? (Mike Todd) with a Cartire Ruby Diamond Necklace, as a “perfect love moment” witness.

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Cartier jewelry traditional promoting position the entire world

Our marketing is generally the most frequent marketing tool, it might be stated every single business, each and every company make use of it, it is a great way universal, substantialvelocity advertising; it desires to obtain marketing accomplishment using this method, nonetheless will need a ton of money. Fake Cartier expensive jewelry is performing.

Cartier 18k White Gold Love Bracelet

cartier come rapidly engaged by various promotional marketing marketplace, which can be already a frequent point. Whether in television marketing, or sizeable trend capture MV, everywhere expose a higher levels, the cartier precious jewelry trendsequence return to the actual, to create sensitive rare metal shaded K knot. K yellow gold, rose K gold or white K rare metal to generate pendants, cheap cartier jewelry and rings straightforward style understated, innovative fashionable. 18K bright white rare metal pave precious stone diamond ring. Cartier C letter emblem very classy character, its impressive and different patterns given birth to from careful clever thought.

cartier love ring replica

The cheetah is one of the Cartier company sign, 1914, which first made an appearance from the precious jewelry entire world, and Louis Cartier would be to give the brand name an expression of creativity leader, right after spouse Louis Jung Duchamp (Jeanne Toussaint) will cheetah imagination on its head: bracelets, brooches and earrings very long necklaces, timepieces, there cheetah soft figure. The latest sequence is even according to a number of Cat Develop, which is genuinely charm the crazy attractiveness of wildlife.

Cartier love serie oro 18k bracciale

Phony precious cartier love jewelry series came to be in New York City in the seventies in the previous century observed a lot of renowned love love and have become the incarnation of your Proclamation of love. Best oblong bracelet body, screw layout bracelet and exclusive beauty became a symbol of endless enjoy. K rare metal with yellow or increased gold models K, and inlaid with diamonds, unlimited really like.

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