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fake Cartier blue ballon by four popular tips

2007 was the birth of the replica Cartier ballon blue, just a few years, has become a fashion circles, stars, royalty watch one of your favorite style, so unique in the blue balloon where it? How to distinguish blue balloon watch?
First, the non-circular circularity streamlined case.


Cartier blue balloon case with a smooth, streamlined design, the overall mellow and exquisite, the watch design classic. Front and back are slightly rounded arc.
Second, the large round convex sapphire crown
Apparent Cartier blue balloon studded with a large round convex sapphire, and a crown for the bridge, soar like a blue balloon.


Third, arched glass table mirror
Cartier blue balloons table mirror is a convex arched glass, this design can be enlarged detail dial, easier reading.
Fourth, the unique design of the dial
Cartier blue balloons fake dial very recognizable: guilloché dial, Roman numerals, rail-like minute circle, sword-shaped blue steel hands, Cartier and aesthetic traditions of the same strain. Due to the influence of the crown, Roman numerals deviate from the usual circular orbit, inwardly recessed.

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